The Not So Humble Granny Square!


There seems to have been a Granny Square revival! Designers have been using them on the catwalks and everyone wants to learn to crochet! Whether the two things are directly linked or not, I couldn’t say but whenever I schedule a new beginners crochet class, the places fill up very quickly!

For crochet beginners, I always start with a granny square. In a couple of hours and, with just chains and trebles, the students can take away the basics of crochet and their first ever granny square! It is always very heartening when you see a student a few weeks later and they are hooked on crochet (to coin a much used phrase!).

And that granny square is so versatile! Whether you use multiple bright colours or stick to a single colour, you can create so many things with a granny square. You can just keep going round the one granny square to make a giant one that can be used for a cushion cover or, if you really go for it, a blanket. You can make lots of smaller granny squares and sew or crochet them together to make all manner of things – bags, scarves, blankets, garments… The only limit is your imagination!

And moving on, the square motif has many variations. One of my favourite garments that I have ever made, is constructed from squares! This jacket was inspired by the ‘Mini Mochi Flower Garden Shawl‘ by Gail Tanquary. I love the theme and colours of the shawl but I didn’t really want another shawl. Instead I created this waterfall, kimono style jacket. The jacket could easily be made with a standard granny square but the flower design of the square motif  used by Gail is so simple yet so pretty. And if you use a yarn with a long colour change (I used a 4 ply yarn,  Drops Delight in  a variety  of colour ways) you never get 2 identical squares and I absolutely the effect it has created!

I’d love to know what square projects you’ve created!